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1993 SF 1 SDLP 4 A 2 UUP 8 DUP 3 Ind U 1

The UUP lost a seat to SF by 2.7 votes here in 1993. The IndU elected in 1993 had since defected to the UUP, carrying his huge personal vote with him. In effect, the UUP needed 3 more votes to take overall control of the council.

Alliance were looking to take 2 in the Town, and had a tight defend in South East. The SDLP were trying to take extra seats in the Town and South East, but the odds were felt to be against it in Town, while in South East it was felt they had a good chance of taking the Alliance seat.

The DUP and SF, were, realistically, just trying to hold their own. The PUP made their first foray in this area, running in South East from their Ballycraigy Estate power-base. While 2 independents ran in Town in protest at council neglect of the Town Centre.

As we'll see, it all turned out very differently from expectations in Antrim.

The results in detail with DEA profiles

Antrim North West
Antrim South East
Antrim Town

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