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Antrim North West Electoral Area

A largely rural DEA, centred on the town of Randalstown (60/40 Protestant majority, quite prosperous, 40% of electorate), and the village of Toome (the nearest thing to a republican stronghold in Antrim Borough, about 12% of electorate. The ward stretches from deepest Scots Presbyterian country near Kells, to what's basically Catholic west of the Bann around Toome. The ward is fairly propsperous, though less so than the rest of Antrim Borough.

Some of the candidates put their job on the ballot paper - Clyde is a farmer, while Swann is a College Lecturer.

In 1993 it returned 2 SDLP, 1 SF, 1 UUP and 1 DUP councillor. The margin between the SF candidate and the second UUP candidate in 1993 was 2.7 votes at the end of the count. It was somewhat wider this time! The DEA is one of the few in which the Sinn Fein vote dropped on 1993.

ElectorateValid Votes SeatsVotes CastInvalid VotesQuota
8059429054380 (54.35%)90716
First PreferencesStage2Stage3Stage4Stage5
Loughran SurplusGraham SurplusEliminate PickenMcClelland Surplus
Swann,Mrs AUUP254+3.70257.70+250.80508.50+85.96594.36+2.86597.32
Count began 0900 22 May 1997. Count ended 1325 22 May 1997. * denotes candidate elected.

Overall Figures

PartyFirst PreferencesShare of VoteQuotasSeats
Sinn Fein61214.3%0.851
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