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And the ones I'm waiting on confirmation for...

Worked, but not yet confirmed

A6 United Arab Emirates
C5 The Gambia
CE Chile
CT Portugal (got a scrade of them confirmed on SSB, but still no CW card from the bureau :-( )
CU Azores
CX Uruguay
D44 Cape Verde Is.
E3 Eritrea
EA9 Spanish North Africa
EK Armenia
EP Iran
ET Ethiopia
EY Tajikistan
GJ Jersey
GW Wales (yes, still no QSL from Wales on CW - anyone fancy giving me an 80m sked?)
HC8 Galapagos Is.
HI Dominican Republic
HK Colombia
HP Panama
HS Thailand
J3 Grenada
J6 St Lucia
JT Mongolia
KH6 Hawaii
KP2 U.S. Virgin Is.
LU Argentina (a lot of them worked this year, though)
OY Faroe Is (I think I've given up on this QSL, looking for another OY station to work)
P4 Aruba
PY0F Fernando de Noronha I
PY0T Trinidade I (another QSL I've given up on)
PZ Suriname
R1F Franz Josef Land
S9 Sao Tomé
T7 San Marino
TY Benin
TZ Mali
V2 Antigua & Barbuda
VP5 Turks and Caicos
VR Hong Kong
VU India
XE Mexico
XZ Burma
YV Venezuela
ZF Cayman Is.
ZS South Africa
1A0 Sovereign Military Order of the Knights of Malta (Rome)
3V Tunisia
5A Libya
5H Tanzania
5N Nigeria
6W Senegal
6Y Jamaica
8Q Maldives
9L Sierra Leone
9M8 West Malaysia
9N Nepal
9G Ghana
9Y Trinidad and Tobago
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