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When I feel Sad, When I feel gray - I look at a few of my favourite links - then every thing is gay!

Politics Links

Alliance Party of Northern Ireland
The Worlds Greatest Political Party
Liberal Democrats
The World's Next Greatest Political Party
Fine Gael
My favourite Southern Irish political party, the major opposition to the wretched Fianna Failers. Pity they have a silly name like 'Tribe of the Gaels'.
Geman Election Results by Constituency
A rather funky newsgroup
The Left Side of the Web
Links to all sorts of groovy leftie stuff
God Hates Fags
This page is provided so you can see just what sort of hate filled Nazi scum exist out there in Netland

Religion Links

Partenia - Diocese without frontiers
The website of Jacques Galliot, a bishop who the pope does not like because he is a bit of a dodgy radical - i.e. my type of guy
Church of England
The official website of the Church of England
Universal Life Church
Ever fancied being an ordained minister - well now you can be - for free - no strings attached
The Christian Coalition
Liberal and Radical Christians - Find out why you should stay in the church and fight your corner instead of giving up to the 'new right'
The Christian Coalition Ate my Balls
Find out what people think of Christians when we don't stand our ground

Miscellaneous Links

Company Press
A strange anarcho-syndicalist publishing company run by Jason Walsh
Bert is Evil
Find out why Bert from Sesame Street is evil!
One of Germany's nicest cities
Radio Society of Great Britain
The UK's national organisation for Radio Amateurs
The Freemasonry Network
Secret controllers of the world, nice people who give money to charity or silly old farts who like to dress up as women?? - You decide

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