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My Church - Saint George's

There will soon be a picture right here!!!!!

Firstly, this page has not been sanctioned by anyone in St. George's. It has no official status.
St. George's is a Parish Church of the Church of Ireland, the oldest member church of the Anglican Communion.
I have only been a member since last year, but already I feel I have been there all my life!
St. George's is quite unusual in the Church of Ireland in that it tends to be a bit high church. Genuflection and the Sign Of The Cross are common. The Eucharist is at the very heart of our regular worship, with Communion services daily
Also we have a fine musical tradition - on of the best, if not the best, church choir in Ireland. We also have excellent organists, a wide variety of concerts and outside choirs at Sunday Evensong.
The Church is right in the centre of Belfast, as important ecumenical and civic functions as well. We share ecumenical services, as the oldest Church Of Ireland church in Belfast with two other City Centre churches - St. Mary's, Chapel Lane, the city's oldest Roman Catholic church, and First Presbyterian, Rosemary Street, the city's oldest non-conformist church.
We are right between the Albert Clock and the In-Shops - easy to find. Why not visit us one Sunday? All are welcome at our services, and all who are baptised Christians and communicant members of their own denomiomnation are welcome to share in the Eucharist with us.



8.30am - Said Eucharist - APB
10.00am - Matins - BCP
11.00am - Sund Eucharist - APB
5.00pm - Evensong - BCP


Matins - BCP - Monday to Friday 7.30am; Saturday 10030am
Eucharist - APB - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 1.00pm; Wednesday 10.30am

BCP - Book Of Common Prayer
APB - Church Of Ireland Alternative Prayer Book 1984

You don't need to worry about owning a prayer book - the Church will provide one for you!

The Church is a beautiful Napoleonic era building with much beautiful work inside. I hope to have pictures on soon.
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