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I took to writing poetry earlier this year.  Below are a few samples.  I am not sure if they are any good or not, but there is nothing like the Internet to help you to completely humiliate yourself in front of the world.  If you have any comments on them, don't hesitate to mail me.

Belfast on a Sunday in Advent (December 1999)

The rain falls down in stair rods,
On an Advent day in Belfast.
And the dampness and the darkness seems,
That it will ever last.
Even the flowers in the gardens look,
Like they too feel downcast,
On a Sunday just before Christmas

And through the City Centre's wet,
The Christmas shoppers throng.
The shops are full, the car parks packed,
And the bloody queues too long.
The Christchild's message is drowned out
By commercialisms's song,
On a Sunday just before Christmas

Yet amid the mass, in a little church,
We praise Our Lord his birth.
How the son of God, for us and the crowds,
Became a child on Earth,
And our songs join those of Christian folk,
Around the planet's girth,
On a Sunday just before Christmas.

In this town of red brick and rain,
Rules ever Christ our king.
All classes and religons, He
Will bind up in one string,
To bring us to another place,
Where we with angels sing,
And eternity will be Christmas

Traveller's Tale (November 1999)

Who are then my people?
This fool who chose Church, left Chapel steeple.
Am I forever a wandering Jew?
But even he had people too.
Of my own choice I abandoned McCartans,
O'Connors, Kellys, McStravicks and Martins,
To plow my own furrow, lone though it may be,
Abandoning calls to set old Ireland free.
Always a Catholic, an Irishman, yet not,
And for my sacrifice what have I got?

For in this other land I remain a stranger,
Other's say how brave I am to face danger,
But never confusion, or a metic's rootlessness,
In their ignorance they know not my homelessness,
Nor how God Save the Queen sticks in my throat.
To be of this people sounds a false note.

My country, must you drive me towards the emigration boat?

There are others, but some need work done, and some are a wee bit personal to put out in public yet.

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