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Alliance Party of Northern Ireland - North Belfast Association

Welcome to the homepage of North Belfast Alliance - the first local branch of a Northern Irish political party to have a homepage on the internet.

We consist of approxiamately 100 people living in Castle and Oldpark electoral areas of the City of Belfast. We also cover the whole of the North Belfast constituency in general elections.

In this years British General Election we obtained 5.4% of the vote in the constituency, and after years of competition form the Greens, Worker's Party and Tories, we are now clearly the only credible non-sectarian party in the constituency. We also sent Tom Campbell back to Belfast City Council, ending John Carson's 27 year City Hall career and ending Unionist control of the City Hall for the first time ever.

We are committed to community politics, and believe that politics should be about working, not only for people but with people.

If you would like to know more contact Alliance Headquarters or our Chairperson Gerry Lynch.

This site is still in it's infancy. More will be added shortly.


Tom Campbell
29 Lansdowne Road
BT15 4AA
Telephone 01232 776427


Gerry Lynch
9 Donore Court
BT15 2EZ
Telephone 01232 207399


Brenda Smyth
75 North Circular Road
BT15 5HF
Telephone 01232 779706

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