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OVERALL SUMMARY - Antrim Borough

The Ulster Unionists remain 1 seat short of overall control of the council. This is likely to be the last time they have the chance. SF are unlikely to be caught by the second UUP candidate in North West, while UUP seats look vulnerable to a second SDLP candidate in both Town, and South East.

Alliance vote collapsed in the Town, but was up in SE and NW. Local factors at work. The SDLP vote is growing, in step with a growing Catholic population.

The DUP seem fairly static.

Given the nationwide picture, Sinn Fein were foolish not to run a candidate in all 3 DEAs. One never knows what might have happened. SF were winning seats in all sorts of places where they've never been anywhere before. However in North West, their vote declined. This was very much against the national trend.

There seems unlikely to be any change in the joint UUP-DUP administration which has led the council since 1993 when the UUP lost overall control, and continued at this year's AGM.

However the UUP cpuld arrange a deal with the SDLP and Alliance, as in neighbouring Ballymena, if they so desired.

Overall vote

First Prefs.Vote ShareSeats
Sinn Fein6124.3%1
It will not shock you to find out that this whole borough is contained within the super-safe UUP seat of South Antrim, presently occupied by Northern Ireland's most unknown MP, Clifford Forsythe.

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Individual ward results

Antrim North West
Antrim South East
Antrim Town

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