Belfast City Council Elections 1997

This page contains complete stage by stage results from each electoral area in 1997, complete with a demographic profile and geographical description of each DEA. This page is currently UNDER CONSTRUCTION not all links may work.

On line now

A summary of the 1997 results

On line August 1997 Belfast's Nine Electoral Areas

Balmoral: Leafy South Belfast
Castle: A bizarre mish mash of a ward - some of the richest and some of the poorest parts of the city Profile on line now
Court: The Greater Shankill
Laganbank: Along the river in South Belfast - another varied ward
Lower Falls: Solid Working Class Catholic - Sinn Fein's strongest stronghold
Oldpark: Religiously Varied - but almost universally poor. Northern Irelands most violent area Profile on line now
Pottinger: Mainly working class and Protestant, with one republican stronghold
Upper Falls: The more prosperous end of West Belfast - Sinn Fein are increasingly dominant here too
Victoria: Varied economically, but solidly Protestant

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